The only people who should be eating Cinnabons as snacks

There’s this place at the mall. It’s called Cinnabon. They sell this thing. It’s a called a Cinnabon. It’s marketed as a snack. And it contains 36 grams of fat, 59 grams of sugar, and 879 calories. Interesting. You know who should be eating snacks like that? One group, and one group only. PPBs. Professional Pyramid Builders. In other words, if you just finished hand-building a pyramid in Ancient Egypt, then go ahead and snack on a Cinnabon. But if you’re an attorney who lives in San Antonio, you better not eat an 879 calorie snack–OK? Instead of getting a Cinnabon, do us all a favor and sue the Cinnabon Corporation. Call them up and say, “I’m filing a class action lawsuit, on behalf of every fat man in America.”


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